Walks in the surroundings of Cividale del Friuli


Are you looking for a guided tour?

Discover the history, nature, culture and food-and-wine tradition of the Natisone Valleys through the Association Pro Loco Nediške Doline – Valli del Natisone.
In a world that is more and more characterized by frenzied paces and the artificiality of modern life, there are still magical places where time seems to stand still.
The Pro Loco "Nediške Doline - Valli del Natisone" invites you to discover one of these enchanting sanctuaries where you can immerse yourself in a beautiful nature and in a culture in which mankind used to live in a perfect symbiosis with the environment. Another possibility is to visit the places that provided a backdrop for the Great War or the historic and architectonic wonders of this area.

B38-Anello di Torreano

Path of Small Votive Churches

Path of Topolò artists

Paths of the Great War

Are you looking for a walk that is suitable for children or accessible by stroller?

Walks with stroller:

Bosco Plessiva

Bosco Plessiva

Bosco Romagno

Bosco Romagno

Isola della Cona

Foce dell'Isonzo - Island of Cona

Walks for children:

Biarzo e la Valle degli orsi

Biarzo, S. Giovanni d'Antro and the bear's valley

Sentiero sdricca Manzano

Sdricca's path in Manzano
anche in bici!

Would you like to discover the most beautiful paths in the surroundings of Cividale del Friuli?

The following walks are taken from SentieriNatura, the portal for mountain hiking in Friuli Venezia Giulia.
The walks are subdivided according to different themes and include 3D maps, technical details, suggestions, GPS routes and pictures.

Forest Paths

The special position of the region Friuli Venezia Giulia, at the limits of three biogeographic regions, originated an extraordinary variety of the landscape that is obviously reflected in the forests, characterized by a luxuriant and varied vegetation.

B38-Anello di Torreano


B39-Mount Vogu's ring from Montefosca

B40-On the dorsal between Cosizza and Erbezzo from Clodig to Merso di Sopra

Flower Paths:

B38-Anello di Torreano

F38-Mia Mount and Pradolino's gorge from Stupizza

F39-Matajur Mount from Mersino Alto

F40-On the dorsal of San Martino's Mount from Clastra to Topolò

Human Paths:

B38-Anello di Torreano

U38-Sant'Andrea's ring from Stupizza

U39-From Centa to Castelmonte

U40-On the dorsal of Cum's Mount from Castelmonte to Rucchi

Wind Paths:

B38-Anello di Torreano

V40-On the dorsal of Craguenza from Antro to Montefosca

Water Paths:

B38-Anello di Torreano

A40-Along the Judrio river from Ponte Clinaz to Clabuzzaro

Historical Paths:

B38-Anello di Torreano

M40-On the Colovrat's dorsal from Rucchin to Topolò

Silence Paths:

B38-Anello di Torreano

S40-San Canziano's ring from San Pietro al Natisone