Iter Aquileiense - Cammino Celeste


Between religion and tourism, between faith and history, between the sea and the mountains: the "Iter Aquileiense - Cammino Celeste" is a route suitable for people of all ages, preferences and creeds, across a territory located in three different countries (Italy, Austria and Slovenia).
Start from Friuli Venezia Giulia, a region that borders both Austria and Slovenia. The route in Italy extends over about 200 km from Aquileia, the location of an early-Christian basilica that preserves wonderful mosaics of the 3rd and 4th century, to Mount Lussari, the extreme north-eastern Italian border, where a Marian sanctuary stands, which is called of the "Three peoples", because it is a pilgrimage destination for people from Italy, Austria and Slovenia.
From here, if you want, you can proceed towards Maria Saal, in Austria, or Brezje, in Slovenia.
The route is characterized by extreme environmental variety and along the way pilgrims and tourists can enjoy various experiences: see small country churches and more famous sanctuaries like that of Castelmonte, visit towns rich in history and art like Cividale del Friuli, wander in the silence of the forests and nature parks, cross fords and see the bear's tracks.
The "Iter Aquileiense - Cammino Celeste" can be followed along its whole course from early June to early September, while during the other months some stretches in the mountains are not practicable because of snow.
The itinerary proposal includes maps, GPS tracks and suggestions for overnight stay, available on the website