Historic and cultural events in Cividale del Friuli


Historical re-enactment – 6th January

On 6th January the “Messa dello Spadone” (Mass of the Great Sword) is celebrated in the Cathedral of Cividale with deep solemnity.
The Deacon wears a helmet adorned with feathers, holding a sword in his right hand and the precious Book of the Gospels from the 12th Century in the left one. It is a re-enactment of the ceremony during which the Patriarch, who was the feudal lord of the entire region, received the honours of his investiture from the Emperor’s hands.

Truc – April

The Truc is an ancient traditional Easter game where players throw painted eggs onto a sandy oval sloped basin-shaped surface according to specific rules with the aim of hitting other eggs. The egg was chosen for this game as a symbol of rebirth, which perfectly represents Easter.

Mittelfest - July

Culture, entertainment and creativity are the core elements of this event, which allows to discover the most fascinating facets of the Mitteleuropean Culture. The rich event program features lots of international and national previews. Mittelfest reflects the cultural exchanges between Italy and Eastern Europe; as a matter of fact, artists and intellectuals from Friuli Venezia Giulia and Central European countries can meet here and exchange their experiences.

Palio of San Donato - August

The Palio of San Donato was a celebration where archers, arbalesters and later also harquebusiers representing their respective town districts (the so-called borghi), towns and castles, engaged in competitions. Running and horse races also took place and entertainment was guaranteed for people of noble birth and common people alike. Starting from 2000, the ancient tradition of Palio was reintroduced with success.

Baule del diavolo / Antiques market – every 4th Sunday of the month

This antiques market taking place every 4th Sunday of the month from 8 am to 8 pm at Piazza Duomo, Largo Boiani and Piazza Foro G. Cesare can accommodate around 120 stalls. It features an area entirely dedicated to children.

Shopping Days – last weekend of September

Tourism / shopping initiative with entertainment, tastings and interesting shopping offers. Every year a Region of Italy is invited to take part in this initiative with its products and traditions.

Topolò station – Postaja Topolove

Topolò is a small village situated in the mountains of the Natisone valleys. It hosts an international event, taking place every year in July, during which artists from all over the world meet and conduct research in art and communication (film, design, photography, music, poetry, theatre). The artists taking part in the event are accommodated in the small village of Topolò where they finally present their "work" inspired by this place.