Alpe Adria Trail


With the Alpe Adria Trail, the new trekking trail in the Alpe Adria territory, hikers and nature lovers have the opportunity to follow a borderless itinerary across neighbouring countries: Austria, Italy and Slovenia.

The transnational project of the Alpe Adria Trail, thanks to the collaboration among the Regions of the Alpe Adria area, has been able to combine, in a single itinerary, existing trails that for the first time have been mapped together in a single way.

The Alpe Adria Trail has 43 stages, each having a length of about 20 km, for a total of 750 km across Austria, Slovenia and Italy.
Along the route, tourists can follow the especially created signs and benefit from the available information and reception services.
Moreover, each single stage can be followed in both directions, since they have a well-established itinerary. Hikers will thus have the possibility to decide, according to their capabilities, how many km to walk, also taking into account the landscapes to be crossed and admired during the walk.

This new itinerary, defined as borderless, is an excellent opportunity to discover the peculiarities and the differences of the Alpe Adria territories, which range from the mountains to the sea.
The itinerary starts from the mountains of Carinthia: the High Tauern National Park, the mills of Apriach and the Millstätter Alpe (one of the most beautiful areas in this region) are only some of the peculiarities that can be observed along the route in Austria.
Afterwards you will enter Slovenia in Kranjska Gora and you will follow the Isonzo river, walk in the Julian Alps, reach Bovec and arrive in Kobarid and Tolmin.
Then, you will enter Italy and you will discover the Natisone Valleys and Cividale del Friuli, the Collio, Trieste's Karst and the harbour of Muggia, just to mention some of the main stages.

If, on the other hand, you do not have the time or if you are not fit enough to face all the 38 stages, but you wish to experience the thrill of trekking across the three borders, you may decide to go on the Tour of the 3 Nations: 123 km to be covered in 7 daily stages across Carinthia, Slovenia and Italy, a shorter version of the Alpe Adria Trail.

For further information on the borderless itinerary and for the georeferenced tracks, visit the website Here you will also find all the offers and the package tours for a trekking holiday along the Alpe Adria Trail.