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Located in the heart of the city, our  boutique hotel offers subtle luxury.
Our Philosophy: Welcome to subtle luxury
What is subtle luxury?
It is an elegant and thoughtfully decorated guest room. It is a world-class, affordable day spa. It is a perfect hybrid between classic style and modern amenities. It is steps away from shopping and entertainment, while being a peaceful place to relax. 
Whether you're looking for a true holiday get-a-way, or comfortable business travel,  we welcome you. 
Become an exclusive traveler. Start earning points towards a free stay in our deluxe suit. Room service included. 

Colourful and finely decorated, the Natisone Room offers a lovely view of the Natisone river flowing through Cividale and its surrounding valleys.


The “Lombard” room pays tribute to the people who chose Cividale del Friuli as first capital of the Lombard Dukedom in Italy, which was recently declared